Wear Your Seatbelts!

Wear Your Seatbelts!

I watched my executive creative director hammer out hundreds of lines. It was impressive.

And after it all came down and the finals were selected, it was time to put together the art. Stock art wasn’t cutting it. It was also the first couple months of COVID lockdown. Traffic was light. So, I went out in my neighborhood, stood in the middle of the streets and started shooting pavement. The neighbors were a little confused.

For another piece, my creative director came up to me a little exasperated and said, “I need a huge favor.” He wasn’t kidding. He asked if I could help him mechanical out a large toilet paper roll wrapper. Oh, and we needed it immediately; the printer was standing by. A quick Google check on circumference = (two times pi) times radius and some vector art later, we had a wrapper in less than 30 minutes. Everyone happy.


Bus Tails


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